Detailed services

Pleasant ambience

We want you to feel comfortable in our practice. We therefore place great importance in creating a pleasant atmosphere in our fully air-conditioned rooms. We would like your visit to the dentist to be as pleasant an experience as possible. The impressive photographs on display in our practice also contribute to this.


We really take the term “service” seriously. This is why we give our patients the option to purchase the products, that we individually recommend for optimal oral hygiene, directly from our dental-shop. We know how precious your time is and how difficult it can be to get some of these products in Germany. Our dental hygienists will be happy to advise you!

Short waiting times

Our practice is perfectly organized. Our strict quality- and time management ensures that our patients are spared unnecessary waiting times. Of course, occasional delays may occur due to emergencies or unforeseeable problems during treatments. However, this is very rarely the case and we will of course inform you immediately about the delay and offer you an alternative solution, if necessary.
One more note regarding waiting times:
In our shift system, two to three doctors and the same number of oral hygienists - i.e. up to 6 practitioners - work parallel with each other. It can therefore happen that a patient who arrived after you is called for treatment before you, which is because he/she has an appointment with one of the other practitioners!


Hygiene is a particularly important field in our practice. Protecting our patients from infections for their safety is absolutely crucial to us. Some of our employees completed an additional training as sterilisation officers and monitor all hygiene measures as “supervisors”. Meticulous checks are carried out on a regular basis as part of our quality management to ensure the consistently high standard of our practice hygiene for your and also our own protection.

Air conditioning

Sweating in the dentist’s chair because of midsummer heat during treatment…. doesn`t sound very tempting!? Does not have to be! All our practice rooms are fully air-conditioned and guarantee pleasant temperatures all year round for your comfort and ours too.


The reimbursement of dental treatments and dental laboratory services by statutory or private health insurances is a complex issue, as the regulations are subject to constant change. We therefore recommend for you to ask either your attending physician, one of the dental nurses or the head of the accounting department, Mrs. Claudia Schmitt, regarding any questions related to reimbursement and billing. They will provide you with clear and binding statements.

Emergencies/Emergency service

Our time management is designed to ensure, that emergency treatments, for instance patients with acute complaints, can be done at short notice. However, it is not always possible to get an appointment for pain relief treatment with your regular dentist in our practice. We ask for your understanding.
The practice is scheduled for dental emergency service on several weekends or public holidays per year.
The fixed treatment times on the days of the emergency service are from 10:00 to 11:00 and from 16:00 to 17:00.
The telephone number of the emergency service control centre, which will connect you to the practice on duty, is: 01805/666765

Denture speed cleaning

Dentures can stain with time and become unattractive, despite careful hygiene by the patient. There`s something we can do about this now. We have an innovative speed-cleaning device for dentures in our prophylaxis department, which brings your prosthesis back to a high shine in a very short time. Your denture will be perfectly cleaned during your dental hygiene session and you will leave the practice with a whole new feeling in your mouth. Ask our dental hygienists about this!

Quality Management

Our practice is very well organised. We have introduced a comprehensive quality management system with strict guidelines to document this externally. Regular checks several times a year ensure that we constantly maintain the quality- and organisational standards we have achieved.


Regular check-ups and individual prophylaxis twice a year are particularly important for patients after periodontal treatment, implantation or the insertion of complex dentures. Naturally, these appointments are often too easily forgotten in the hectic pace of everyday life.
You can make use of our recall service on request. We will reliably remind you of the inspection and tooth cleaning, once that is due.

Shift system

We want to be able to offer as much treatment time as possible to our patients. We therefore run our practice in a shift system. There are two to three dentists and two to three dental hygienists available for treatment in every morning- as well as afternoon shift.


It goes without saying that you can pay for all invoice amounts cash-free with your EC card in our practice. This also applies to prophylaxis services and bleachings, as well as the products that you can purchase from our dental shop.

Dental laboratory

We run our own dental laboratory in which we employ a team of highly qualified dental technicians. All laboratory staff members stay up-to-date continouosly with the latest developments through intensive further training, thus ensuring the special precision of the dentures, which they produce.
It goes without saying that our laboratory is also technically always up to speed. As a for instance, we have an innovative computer-controlled milling machine, which enables us to mill certain dental work directly in our practice after a previous virtual planning by the dental technicians.
These lab products can then be finished immediately afterwards, which saves time and, in certain cases, even makes it possible to provide the patient with inlays or crowns within a few hours.
Necessary corrections or repairs can be carried out particularly promptly due to the short ways, which is why our patients are very often spared additional appointments.
As far as the laboratory is concerned, we once again emphasize our special demand for quality and service.