Detailed services

Amalgam-free treatment

We use no amalgam in our group practice. We are convinced that there are better alternatives with superior biotolerance, e.g. inlays made of gold or ceramics.


Gleaming white teeth – who wouldn’t like that? These days, that is usually no problem. Our prophylaxis department has a variety of products that can gently and painlessly whiten or bleach your teeth. In our practice, these materials are either used for intensive treatment, or we prepare individual bleaching splints for you in our laboratory, which you can use at home. Our prophylaxis staff are glad to advise you.

Computerised Injection

Local anaesthesia can be achieved without applying pressure by using a new mini dosage computer, with an injection handpiece and a very narrow needle. This leads to less pain on injection, with less volume of the anaesthetic and less feeling of numbness (e.g. round the lips). Ask your dentist whether this technique would be suitable for you.

Electroacupuncture, Kinesiology & Bioresonance Therapy

If you wish, in cooperation with naturopathic doctors and naturopaths we can test the tolerability of materials and drugs before starting treatment, e.g. by measuring electronic resistance, and help to ensure that adverse side effects are avoided.

Functional Analysis

Functional analysis provides information about the movements of the joints of your jaw (the mandibular joints), as well as the mutual positions and functions of your jaws and teeth. This information is essential for the preparation of high quality false teeth, particularly in conjunction with implants. This guarantees that the treatment will be successful and prevents late damage to your whole oral system. This is why we carry out functional analysis before almost all dental treatment, sometimes with electronic measurement connected to a laptop (what is known as Cardiax registration).


Implants are screw-shaped artificial dental roots made of titanium that are surgically inserted into the jaw. After healing, the denture is then fastened to the implant by means of an attached “post”. Implants provide optimal care if a single tooth is missing. They may also act as a bridge anchor to avoid partial dentures or to fasten dentures in the toothless jaw. They offer the patient better chewing function, comfort and quality of life.

Individual Prophylaxis

Prevention (prophylaxis) is the best form of crisis management. We offer you an individualised prophylactic program against caries and periodontitis. This includes determining your risk of caries and periodontitis through saliva tests, together with professional tooth cleaning, instructions on oral hygiene and teeth sealing.

Intraoral Camera

By using an intra-oral camera, we can take pictures of your teeth in your mouth. These pictures are enlarged and then projected onto a screen. We use these pictures for our discussions, as they provide an optimal view within your mouth and help us to explain your situation. If you wish, we can use a video printer to print out the images, so that you can take them home with you. This service is free of charge.

Professional dental hygiene for kids and teenagers

A conscientious oral hygiene in combination with professional cleaning sessions at the dentist`s guarantees the maintenance of healthy teeth from the very start. We provide professional hygiene sessions for kids and teenagers from 6 to 18, to meet the special requirements of their teeth. We explain the origin of decay and show them how to avoid this by establishing a low-sugar diet together with proper oral hygiene at home. We apply colour to the teeth to make plaque visible and assess the quality of the oral hygiene at home, animating the youngsters to intensify it if necessary. We will make this all as fun as possible for our youngest patients.

Social health insurances in Germany fully cover these dental hygiene sessions for kids and teenagers up to the age of 18.

Dental Adhesion Technique

Modern adhesive compounds are an essential component of modern dentistry. You will of course benefit from this in our practice. We cover the whole area of our plastic fillings with adhesive, in order to strengthen their attachment to the tooth substance and to improve their appearance. Within the visible area, we work with VENEERS: Anterior (frontal) teeth are veneered with a glued-on wafer thin skin of ceramic and are embellished. To replace a tooth, we can use what is known as a Maryland bridge, in which accessory wings are stuck on, in order to anchor the tooth to the neighbouring teeth. These days, the anchoring elements (attachments) of your tooth or implant prostheses are also stuck into the corresponding denture.

Laser Treatment

A laser beam is a concentrated bundle of high energy light. For periodontitis patients, it is used for the painless treatment of inflammatory gum diseases or to desensitise hypersensitive necks of teeth.

Magnifying Spectacles

Precision is an essential component of our profession. We therefore work with magnifying spectacles when performing difficult treatment to ensure maximal precision and quality.


We collaborate closely with an anaesthetist. For example, for major operations performed in the outpatient setting in our practice, we can offer you treatment in total anaesthesia or analgesic sedation (so-called twilight sleep).

Panorama X-ray System with Integrated Dental CT

This is our most recent investment for the good of our patients — a high calibre Panorama X-ray system with integrated dental CT. This has only recently become commercially available and provides a three dimensional image of jaws and teeth. The exposure to X-rays is much less than that of conventional X-ray systems. As the image is greatly enlarged, pathological changes can be recognised that would otherwise have been overlooked. In addition, we can virtually insert implants into these 3D images and thus perfect our planning of implant operations.

Periodontitis Treatment

After intensive pre-treatment by oral hygienists, we clean the deep gum pockets and smooth the root surfaces. The gum then lies tight round the tooth and the inflammatory loss of bone is stopped. This can also be performed with the help of the laser. With the newest methods and the most modern materials from biotechnology (e.g. Emdogain and Bio-Oss), we can even totally restore bone lost round the tooth in some cases. Here too, our practice is well at the forefront.


Our piezosurgery instrument exploits extremely rapid oscillations to make extremely fine incisions. For certain suitable operations, this means that there is much less tissue damage and the surgery is more precise.


The Protaper method is a highly modern and particularly effective method to treat the root canal. In the long-term, the success rates are particularly high, as are the chances of lastingly preserving the affected tooth. In contrast to the conventional manual procedure, the root canals are processed with very fine and highly flexible titanium files while precisely measuring the length of the canals electronically during the process. As a consequence, the method is more precise, more rapid and safer than the conventional procedure. Several of our dentists are experts in this area. Ask them about it.

Saliva Test

A saliva test shows your individual risk of caries and periodontitis. With a specially developed test strip, a specific volume of saliva is taken from your mouth and added to a substrate. By means of bacteriological analyses – some carried out in an external laboratory – we can determine the number of the microorganisms that cause caries and periodontitis and use this information to take specific precautions. Another test can be used to determine whether you have a genetic predisposition to develop inflammatory periodontitis. This is an important piece of information when defining the follow-up interval for our periodontitis patients, particularly after implant treatment.


Deep fissures (tooth furrows) offer ideal opportunities for the attachment of bacterial plaque and are therefore particularly susceptible to caries. They are so deep that the toothbrush cannot penetrate far enough down to clean them. Sealing these fissures with a light hardening plastic provides a healthy tooth with permanent and effective protection against caries.

Root Treatment with the Microscope

When a root treatment is performed under a special microscope, the responsible dentist can look into the finest root passages of the tooth. Our dentist Petra Schwab-Hammer is an expert in root treatment with this method and would be glad to advise you.

Tooth Cleaning

Dental plaque and discolouration are not only unattractive, but also a risk factor for dental health. We use a salt jet instrument (Airflow) to remove ugly plaque (e.g. from coffee, tea and smoking). This is extremely thorough and totally painless. All tooth surfaces are then polished; this guarantees that the plaque will not be rapidly reformed.